Tuesday Rambles

I’m currently watching Longmire on Netflix. Safe to say I’ve found a new favorite show. I’m just bummed it’s only a summer show and it only had 9 episodes this season. Unreal. I don’t understand why it has so few shows. Only two more new episodes to go!

I spent most of the day moving gravel. I’d fill and move about five wheel-barrows full and take a break. I made some headway but I’m nowhere near being ready for the next step.

Now that I’ve got my bike fixed I have a new morning strategy for getting moving again. I’m going to get back on my trainer – I’ll avoid the heat and be able to hop on/hop off/shower and get ready. Brink and I will walk in the evenings. Once I feel less like a blob, I’ll try to mix in some running. Maybe it will be cooler by than too.

Gosh it seems like not too long ago I was trying to avoid the cold weather. I guess I’m a pretty good excuse maker when it comes to exercise. And when I fall off the wagon, I fall hard.

Good thing my favorite time of year is fast approaching. I could use a little seasonal inspiration get me moving.



Another evening photo adventure. This time I went to Coyote Ridge. I think it was about 2 miles of hiking. I could have probably made it to the ridge but I got distracted by a social bunny and some deer. So I’ll plan to go back and give myself more time.

My left knee is kind of achy. Further proof of just how out of shape I’ve become in the last few months. I’m planning on going for a bike ride in the morning.

Facebook Free

My Facebook Free month is still going strong. I don’t miss it, surprisingly. Maybe it’s because there wasn’t really any fantastic interaction with people. People I want to see photos and “news” from didn’t really post frequently. I think it was easy enough to cut it out because it lacked conversation. Being alone as much as I am, that’s what I want – conversation.

It’s ironic really considering I’m posting this on a blog that nobody ever visits or converses on.

I’ve spent the evening hours reading about spot metering.

I’ve always known what it was but never practiced it.  That’s about to change.  I usually do really well at avoiding the Auto and P modes on cameras.  Aperture priority is my favorite mode.  But I think I need to spend a little bit of time outside of aperture mode to fully utilize light the way I want to.   I don’t want the camera auto adjusting my shutter speed to make what it thinks is a correct exposure.

So, my goal for the next month is to shoot manual mode with spot metering exclusively.  I think it will hugely improve my consistency in exposure and I’ll spend less time going up and down on the exposure compensation from shot to shot.

I also need to play more with my flash indoors. I need to practice bouncing light in rooms – with wide angles. So, lots to do. If only this kind of stuff burned more calories!

Still very much a slug around here. There’s always tomorrow.

Mostly good eating going on around here. Salad at lunch is only so exciting. Only certain pieces of my lettuce mixture are yummy so maybe I’ll try a different blend next time. Hard boiled eggs have helped add some protein.

I was pretty sore this morning so all I did was walk the dog rather than run. Rain stopped me from taking another walk in the evening. Insert sad face here.

I’m glad tomorrow is my Friday. I’m ready for my weekend!!

Morning Coffee

• I did something completely unexpected after work yesterday. I went running! On a complete whim I decided to lace up my shoes and go for it. And I did two miles! In 81 degree heat! That was the worst part. When I left it was cloudy an deceiving. I survived though and it felt great.

• I tried to start a new book last night but had to stop because the right was all over the place. The first sentence was an entire page. Run-on much? It bugged me so I told myself I wasn’t going to waste my time. I have other books on my list so walk over to the library after work for a book exchange.

• I had some really, REALLY screwed up dreams last night. They were as crazy and dark as some of those Hollywood action movies. I didn’t know anyone in them and woke with a start and racing heart multiple times.

• I’m going on four days with no Facebook. I deleted it from my phone so I wouldn’t be tempted to check it. It was becoming a source of depression – everyone out camping, traveling, hiking, having kids, or playing with the ones they already have, buying new cars, boats, etc. And then there’s me over in my lonely little corner of the world doing yard work, working overtime, and wondering when the oil field will ever give me my husband for more than a day at a time so I have someone to talk to. Facebook makes it too easy to compare people’s highlights with my lowlights and I just don’t want that right now.

Lunch salad


Look at that, I found a bandwagon!! One with pecans and dried cranberries!

Late lunch so hopefully this lasts the rest of my work day. Biggest bowl and not pictured – diced turkey and an entire tomato cut up and layered below the greens. I’m definitely going to be adding some hard-boiled eggs for more protein.

I tried a sweet cherry glaze type stuff we had in the cupboard as a salad dressing. It wasn’t too bad. Different.

Salad for lunch each day is my goal – I bought the big tub of mixed greens at the grocery store.

living life one shenanigan at a time


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