I’m so bleepin’ excited to be on vacation and away from work.  The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy at work.  I’ve barely had time to pee and grab a few bites to eat each day.

It begins with a simple night at home.  Brent and I are undecided as to what to eat so that’s the first order of business, I suppose.  His vote is for ice cream. 


My weekend was pretty uneventful.  I watched a lot of Frazier on Netflix and starting packing some things up for our trip to Idaho.

I got some great clearance deals on shorts and tank tops at Penny’s and Kohl’s. 

If this work week is as crazy busy as last week, it will be vacation time in the blink of an eye.

Highs and Lows


I think some days I’m slightly bi-polar.  I went from being in a perfectly good mood this morning to being the grumpiest of grumps.

Last night I was pleasantly surprised when Brent came home.  I seriously didn’t think I’d see him again for a while so I was pretty glum yesterday.  But the day turned around when he made it home and took me out to dinner.  We had a super delicious gnocchi spinach dish.  It was probably the best pasta dish I’ve ever eaten.  It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.

Now cut to today.  More bleepin’ rain.  I can work in all sorts of conditions but rain is my least favorite.  I hate it.  I’d much rather deal with a blizzard. 

And then came the most ridiculous work meeting of all time where my group of peeps was more or less reminded that we’re the lowest on the totem pole and should be thankful for whatever table scrap is thrown our way.  Most days I really enjoy my job; today was not one of those days.


In other news… Facebook freedom continues.  I don’t feel like I’m missing a whole lot.  Not sure if I really want to go back.  Maybe it’s the negative Nancy in me lately.

I’m still getting used to my new phone.  I love a lot of things about it.  Still getting used to how big it is.  As you can tell, I have more options for photo frames and I like that.

I rode the bike trainer for a Longmire episode after I got home from work. 40 minutes of spinning aggression. I do feel a little better.

Ok, I’m off to finish dinner – baked chicken, roasted potatoes, steamed corn, and biscuits.  Mmmmmm!


Hands down that was one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever watched.  I cannot believe the season finale is next week.  That makes me so sad.

And now I’m off to watch the instant repeat.  Thanks you, A&E! Please make the next season even longer.

Closer to the wagon


40 minutes on the bike trainer followed by some upper body weights and squats.

And salad for dinner.  I don’t expect it to last me long.  I was up early today so everything has been off a few hours off.  I’ll probably be hungry again in an hour.

I got the lawn mowed.  And childhood stuff packed away in tubs.  I’m working on watering the lawn and not so patiently waiting for the new episode of Longmire to come on.  T-minus one hour.

Friday was a day.

This has been a very long week.

My patrol car had some electrical issues today so I’m moved to a spare for a few days. It’s smaller and I don’t like it.

I spent 35 minutes on the bike trainer when I got home. And then I did some upper body weights and some squats. I don’t think I’ve found the wagon just yet but I see it on the horizon.

Me and Brink are watching Longmire for a bit. Then we’re heading to bed early.

living life one shenanigan at a time


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