Morning Coffee


I’ve been trying to wake up earlier and earlier so that I have some chance of survival once my schedule changes in November.  It’s very likely that I’ll get bumped to starting at 6am.  Progress is happening – I used to get up at 7 or 7:30.  The past week it was 6 to 6:30.  This morning I was up at 5:45.

I enjoy my quiet time in the morning.  Just me, my coffee, and a book.  The stillness of it all is actually what gets me out of bed.  Well, the coffee is a big motivator too.

Another Weekend, Another Book

Chris-Matthews-Jack-Kennedy-Elusive-Hero-dives-JFK-publicAnother weekend means I finished another book.  This week’s book was Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero by Chris Mathews.  I was hesitant to read this book for multiple reasons.  My fascination with Kennedy over the years has faded.  I was firmly in the camp of being fascinated by the fascination and obsession with him.  Through my years of study, I had consciously written him off of as a president who people loved because of that celebrity aura rather than anything of real substance.  I never fully drank the kool-aid in order to believe he was one of this country’s greatest presidents.

I generally avoid Kennedy biographies.  I don’t know if it was the $2 price tag at our Friends of the Library bookshop, the title, the photo… but I decided to give it a go.  I was pleasantly surprised by Matthews’ writing and style.  I’d always known JFK had health issues, was a womanizer, and came from ridiculous wealth.  I never knew how bad and how long he’d had those health issues or that he had enough moral fortitude to hold very different opinions than his father, the holder of the purse strings.  He just wasn’t a mouth piece for his father who never really had to earn his place in life.

The book changed my negative opinion of Kennedy somewhat.  I was surprised to find out he was actually quite the history buff, incredibly well read, and worked very hard to win votes to become a congressman, senator, and president.  It wasn’t just handed to him.

hard timeLast weekend I finished The Worst Hard Time, a gritty history on those who actually stayed in the Dust Bowl during the depression rather than hitting the road for California.  This book was eye-opening.  I honestly never knew just how bad and how frequent the “dusters” were or how much World War I really played a part in setting the area on its path for man-made destruction.  It was sickening to read about how much land was plowed up during the wheat craze.  It’s hard to even imagine how baren the last must have been in order for thousands of tons of top soil to literally roll across the country to the east coast and to ships in the Atlantic.  It seems so unfathomable today.

I freak out when one little spec hits my eye.  I can’t even imagine dealing with such fine particles which floated through walls and sealed windows.  Dust pneumonia sounded like a horrendous way to die a slow death.

It was such a good and well-researched book that I’m already looking forward to reading Egan’s The Big Burn, the story of the nation’s biggest wild fire.

I’ve surpassed the 25 books in a year mark!!  Now that I’ve reached 25, it seems kind of silly my goal was to only read 14 books this year.  Maybe I’ve lucked out by finding so many great ones??

This is why I need a maid

Cleaned the bathroom counter and tub; vacuumed bathroom, bedroom, hallway; Milo’s room scrubbed top to bottom; shower curtains washed; two litter boxes scrubbed; huge box of papers shredded; laundry done; stairs vacuumed; wood floors and rugs vacuumed; wood floor cleaned with hardwood floor cleaner; garage boxes broken down and recycled; dishwasher emptied; cookie sheets washed and dried; Brinkley’s treat jar washed and dried; my side of the garage swept; mail sorted, shred, and recycled; the gray camping box put back in the garage; steamer put back where it belongs; trash and recycling taken out…

I’ve been busy. 

Still needs done… Shower and toilets need cleaned; the bottom of the front door needs scrubbed; curtain rods needs switched out; bed sheets need washed; the dozens of cobwebs need vacuumed; the milk cooler needs bleached; sheets need put on the second guest bed; both dining table sets need cleaned and pledged; dead flowers needs cleaned out of pots; wedding photos need hanged; microwave needs cleaned… Just to name a few things off the top of my head.

I’m a few more swigs of coffee away from starting my epic day of cleaning.  I have a lot to do around here.  A lot.  I’m amazed at how quickly time goes by and how quickly this house gets dirty.

I’ll just have to turn on the radio and get to it.  Let the lengthy list of accomplishments starting piling up …


Pretty sure molasses moves faster than I seem to be moving this morning.  After a late night playing volleyball I slept in.

And I’ve done nothing but watch TV this morning.  First step will be the grocery store if I can get that far.  I should probably stop at the bank too.  And then I need to make Brinkley food.  And clean.  And do laundry. 

It’s easier just to sit here and watch television though.


This is what happens when I go to the library to drop off 2 books and check out 2 more.  The 2 on the right are my library books.  The 5 others I bought at the Friends of the Library store for $8.

When I walked home from the library I needed a bag.  I wasn’t planning on that but it made me happy.  Nothing better than new books to read!!!

living life one shenanigan at a time


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